INVINC 05 Tross – Coast To Coast EP (12″ Vinyl)

December 10, 2015

Out in shops this week: Tross – Coast To Coast EP.

Our latest offering comes courtesy of Swedish psych rock / krautrock four-piece Tross

Tross have developed a strong reputation for being a live experience well worth seeing on their home turf in Sweden and the songs on this EP capture that live energy and essence in a way that so many studio bands just can’t seem to do.

With ”Coast To Coast” Tross give not just a nod of respect to their kraut/psych forefathers but display an originality unique to the band: the throbbing, pulsing basslines of tracks such as War Of Apples show that the EP is as well geared towards a dancefloor as it is towards the ‘heads’ at home.

Limited to only 300 vinyl copies.

Getting plays from Andy Weatherall, Psychemagik, Soft Rocks and more.