Strange Culture – Sublimed EP

Release date: 6 February 2017

Time to pull out the stops with our most dancefloor-friendly release to date courtesy of Strange Culture aka Glasgow-based GK Machine.

The EP features 4-tracks all built around the classic arpeggiators and self-oscillating filters of two synth heavyweights going head to head: a customized Jupiter-4 meeting a seriously hot-rock-burned Jupiter-8.

“This all started with me setting myself a challenge – to make a themed EP of tracks all using just the Jupiter-4 arpeggiator, so that’s what I did…and then later expanded things to include it’s younger, but bigger, brother the Jupiter-8. I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi too lately, hence the titles. I like Ian M. Banks’ idea of advanced civilizations and/or species ‘subliming’ once the physical world leaves nothing remaining unachievable, basically leaving the known dimensions of space and time behind to take up residence in several higher dimensions. I’m fully aware we humans aren’t quite there in that respect and are still rather primitively running around shooting ourselves but it’s a nice idea to think of a world where we realise we are all one and the same and are therefore able to step back and focus on what’s important rather than the squabbles, wars and petty day-to-day crap that seem to so belittle our rather amazing existence.”

Getting plays from JD Twitch (Optimo), Prins Thomas (Internasjonal/Full Pupp), Jane Fitz (Night Moves), Thomas Von Party (Multi Culti), Manfredas (Les Disques De La Mort), Mr TC (Optimo / Night Of The Jaguar)

Limited to 300 copies on vinyl