Sordid Sound System – Fear Eats The Soul

Release date: 27 March 2017

Sordid Sound System release another 4-tracker that’s already being lauded as his best and has been getting plays from Manfredas, Thomas Von Party, Sascha Funke, Mucho Bizarre, Kirsty P, Eyes Of Others and is one of the Vinyl Factory’s best releases of the week.

You can read a review of the record on the great Inverted Audio website.

It’s also the most “limited’ Invisible Inc record ever released. Not by design, sadly, but due to some accident at the plant. The result being that only 250 of these babies ever came into existence and so some shops  have sold out already.

But fear NOT if you can’t find it…..there are some copies available direct from the Invisible, Inc. bandcamp.

Describing ‘Fear Eats The Soul’ as a concept EP made by four imaginary bands from Detroit, New York, Paris and Munich, Sordid Sound System says:

“I’m pissed off with passive aggressive shabby chic artisan boutiques besieging my studio and complaining about the noise, I’m pissed off with coked up yuppy hipsters in land rovers taking over my neighbourhood with fancy restaurants with names that sound like fucking law firms, I’m pissed off at the resurgence of the far right and creeping fascism, I’m pissed off with self sabotaging English and American voters and the neo liberal corporate elites that have pissed away opportunities and alienated them, I’m pissed off with modern recording technology creating a sea of homogenous unimaginative beige bullshit, and I’m really pissed off that my favourite drummer Jaki Leibezeit is dead, but apart from that it’s all good, enjoy the new record.”

Fourteen extremists taking smack

Ferile ecstatic twist & shout

Fossils eject totemic swag

Flunked eeriness taken seriously

Frampton eats tasty shale

Frank exchange turns sour

Frozen essence too sterile

Flimsy erudite trendy satanist

Funk educator tallies shit

Führer endorses toupée salesman

Flags engender tragic sophistry

Flashy endemic token situation

Fascist elegy titillates south

Farcical end to story

Fear eats the soul