August 9, 2018

Short interview with log(m) and premiere of their collaboration with Laraaji “Sunken Forest” from the upcoming “Lost Transmissions From The Off-World Territories” compilation courtesy of If-Only. Check the interview here


July 19, 2018

Only our second release of the year believe it or not….but perfectly timed for the summer.

Drenched in the sun and surf of California is a new 4-track beauty from LA’s Secret Circuit

For vinyl & digital sales, streaming and further reading, check bandcamp here

April 17, 2018

New Komodo Kolektif eastern-themed ambient mix for Ambience Chasers

December 16, 2017

August 12, 2017

The great World Treasures Music blog did an Invisible, Inc. label feature and interview yesterday.

Read about how the label came about, what else is in the pipelines and get the lowdown on who’s playing with Komodo Kolektif at their debut show at Full Ashram Sleep Garden tonight.

You can read it HERE.

June 27, 2017

The legendary Andrew Weatherall gave a track from the new Komodo Kolektif record a spin on his latest NTS radio show the other week… can listen to the entire show HERE

If you’ve not got the new record yet then head over to our SHOP now and get yourself a copy because these babies are selling fast

January 30, 2017

For our first release of 2017 we’re going full steam ahead with this new EP from Strange Culture aka Invisible Inc head honcho GK Machine.

Featuring 4 juicy analogue cuts using Simple Minds’ old Jupiter-4 and Hawkwind’s old Jupiter-8 the EP, as you might imagine, is a spacey mix of retro electronica that fits nicely into the DJ sets and dancefloors of today.

More info and clips can be found right here

Limited to 300 copies only, the record is available from the Invisible Inc bandcamp from 28 January 2017 and from stores worldwide from 6 February 2017 courtesy of RubADub Distribution.

November 17, 2016

So, at very long last , after pressing issues and what-not, Jon Keliehor’s “The Beginning Of Time” has finally arrived. The record has been out in shops since early October and has been making waves around the world in the month since release, gaining praise and accolades from all over…..and rightly so – it’s an incredibly impressive piece of work. It was Optimo’s ‘Album Of The Month’ at monorail records in Glasgow for October. Boomkat in Manchester felt similarly positive about the release and gave it this rather lovely and eloquently written review

Other esteemed connoisseurs have had this to say:

“A truly timeless and vast 4th World musical vision for an off-world generation. Masterpiece” (House of Traps / Firecracker Recordings / Unthank / Sacred Summits)”

“An epically great album and my most listened to record over summer 2016” (JD Twitch / Optimo)

“Fantastic modern day fourth world LP bringing to mind elements of Tor Lundvall, Jon Hassell and Paulo Modugno (12th Isle)

The record is limited to 500 copies with download and is available from shops worldwide. Vinyl and digital can also be bought from our bandcamp where you can listen to the entire album beforehand.

August 25, 2016

Thanks to Keith McIvor of Optimo Music, Invisible Inc has been asked to take part in a local labels record fair which will be taking part in Glasgow’s Mono Cafe on King Street on Sat 10 Sept.

Also in attendance will be Optimo Music, Numbers, Huntleys & Palmers, Firecracker, Night School, All Caps, 12th Isle, West End Communications and possibly more.

The event starts at 2pm so get there early to get the best!

More can be read on the Facebook event page

August 25, 2016

This week the new SPACEROCKS record hits the shops. Like a comet from the dark side comes this new six-tracker from Higamos Hogamos flight captain Steve Webster and his motley crew of battered old synthesizers.

Find out more and listen to soundclips

June 3, 2016

Pleased to say the new Sordid Sound System record is now in shops. The record comes complete with download card.

Read more and listen to samples HERE

May 21, 2016

Playing some records alongside Sordid Sound System at the launch night for Junto Club’s new “Warm Me Up” EP on Optimo Music.


Free entry

April 14, 2016

Quite literally over the moon to announce the release of an EP by LA-based artist/musician Secret Circuit who we’ve been a huge fan of for several years.

Get on over to some soundclips on the Releases page….we’ll let the music speak for itself.

March 12, 2016

After what seems like an eternity and a multitude of disasters since INVINC 05 Tross hit the shops, EP#6 is finally here.

With delay after delay, culminating in half of the entire shipment being damaged in transit….we finally got all 300 copies under one roof happily reunited, late but all together.

EP#6 is our second compilation 12″ this time featuring newcomers Delta Girls and the Immaculate Rivombo as well as veteran producers Legion Of Light plus a rare reissue of a live recording of Claudio Cremonesi’s “Inner Path To Outer Space”.

Again this 12″ is limited to just 300 copies and is getting plays from Prins Thomas, Andy Weatherall, Tim Love Lee, Kirsty P, Pardon My French and more.

March 3, 2016

Invisible Inc was asked to do a “Flavour of The Label” Mix by the lovely people at Ransom Note magazine. We happily obliged.

It’s a tricky thing to try and find a ‘sound’ or a specific ‘vibe’ to go for when trying to capture the essence of what is clearly a very diverse and sonically hard to pigeon-hole label….but label head GK Machine gave it a shot.

With inspirations as far ranging as new age, krautrock, disco, techno, kosmik, tribal, new wave and space rock the mix features tracks by the likes of EP-4, Conrad Schnitzler, Los Gatos Negros, Severed Heads, Pharaohs, Kuniyuki, Clandestine, Hydrus, Zsou, Naum Gabo, Kraftwerk, Peter Power, Cecil Canterburn & His Computer-Controlled Oscillators, Mind fair, Moscoman, Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski as well as Invisible Inc acts The Poncho Brothers, Secret Circuit, Spacerocks, Tim Love Lee and Delta Girls.

As well as the mix GK Machine was asked a few questions about the label, its ethios, background and what it was all about.

You can read what ensued and listen while you read…right… HERE

December 10, 2015

Out in shops this week: Tross – Coast To Coast EP.

Our latest offering comes courtesy of Swedish psych rock / krautrock four-piece Tross

Tross have developed a strong reputation for being a live experience well worth seeing on their home turf in Sweden and the songs on this EP capture that live energy and essence in a way that so many studio bands just can’t seem to do.

With ”Coast To Coast” Tross give not just a nod of respect to their kraut/psych forefathers but display an originality unique to the band: the throbbing, pulsing basslines of tracks such as War Of Apples show that the EP is as well geared towards a dancefloor as it is towards the ‘heads’ at home.

Limited to only 300 vinyl copies.

Getting plays from Andy Weatherall, Psychemagik, Soft Rocks and more.

October 26, 2015

More analog machine music hot off the tape from Glasgow’s Green Door recording studio.

Sordid Sound System has recorded and mixed the likes of Golden Teacher, The Amazing Snakeheads, Whilst, and The Junto Club, and this debut EP is the product of late night after hours recording sessions utilising the studio’s Tascam MS16 tape machine, a Korg MS10 and a rusty Roland Space Echo amongst other obscure electronic toys and gadgets.

“In A Year Of 13 Moons” is the sound of motorik disko and dub exotica running wild in a nightmare imaginary dancehall projecting the films of Roger Corman and Rainer Werner Fassbinder on to its fractured psychotropic walls.

Getting plays from Tolouse Low Trax / Salon Des Amateurs, Mutant Disco Radio, Krossfingers, Richard Bone, Brenda ‘Beachball” Ray, Kirsty P  and more.

September 30, 2015

Our third release departs in yet another direction as we reissue (and revamp/remaster) ’80s new wave/psychedelic disco outfit The Poncho Brothers.

Fully remastered from the original tapes (the three original cuts were recorded between 1987 and 1990) these percussive no wave/new wave, disco-funk jammers are now firmly rocketed into the 21st century with Zoovox’s (of Lectric Sands fame) stripped down, synth-heavy stellar remix of Amantes Latinos.

Getting plays from Daniele ‘Cosmic’ Baldelli, JD Twitch/Optimo, Jan Schulte, DJ Kaos, Kirsty P. + more.

Limited to 300 copies and available NOW

August 6, 2015

Our second release condenses out of the ether and into the material world and is on sale in shops from 17 August 2015. This latest exciting audio adventure is a limited edition 12″ vinyl EP by none other than the amazing Higamos Hogamos.

Steve Webster has been releasing under the name Higamos Hogamos, Spacerocks, Black Neon and Fort Lauderdale for over a decade with releases on J. Saul Kane’s now-defunct DC Recordings, Memphis Industries, Worm Interface as well as countless self-released CDrs jammed full of tripped out funk-infused kraut-tech unlike anything else you’ve heard.

Higamos Hogamos’ core incarnation incorporates Dr. Andrew Robertson on guitar/production duties and Whetham Allpress behind the drum kit.

Unleashing an arsenal of synthesizers both homemade and vintage, live drums, guitars and occasional vocals this EP is sure to catapult you into orbit with no return ticket guaranteed.

April 23, 2015

Invisible Family EP #1 is finally here on vinyl.

Order your copy direct via our Shop (up at the top of the page) or over at our bandcamp…..or head to any respectable dealer on planet earth on or after 11 May 2015.

A1 Secret Circuit – Black Flame
A2 Higamos Hogamos presents Spacerocks – Minipops
AA1 Tim Love Lee – Trip Triangular
AA2 The Poncho Brothers – Airbed Drifter

Getting plays from Firecracker, Bobby Beige, Soft Rocks, Emotional Response and more

Comes with download code