INVINC 09 Jon Keliehor – The Beginning Of Time LP

November 17, 2016

So, at very long last , after pressing issues and what-not, Jon Keliehor’s “The Beginning Of Time” has finally arrived. The record has been out in shops since early October and has been making waves around the world in the month since release, gaining praise and accolades from all over…..and rightly so – it’s an incredibly impressive piece of work. It was Optimo’s ‘Album Of The Month’ at monorail records in Glasgow for October. Boomkat in Manchester felt similarly positive about the release and gave it this rather lovely and eloquently written review

Other esteemed connoisseurs have had this to say:

“A truly timeless and vast 4th World musical vision for an off-world generation. Masterpiece” (House of Traps / Firecracker Recordings / Unthank / Sacred Summits)”

“An epically great album and my most listened to record over summer 2016” (JD Twitch / Optimo)

“Fantastic modern day fourth world LP bringing to mind elements of Tor Lundvall, Jon Hassell and Paulo Modugno (12th Isle)

The record is limited to 500 copies with download and is available from shops worldwide. Vinyl and digital can also be bought from our bandcamp where you can listen to the entire album beforehand.