INVINC 02 Higamos Hogamos – Fuzzy Majesty EP (Vinyl 12″) IN SHOPS

August 6, 2015

Our second release condenses out of the ether and into the material world and is on sale in shops from 17 August 2015. This latest exciting audio adventure is a limited edition 12″ vinyl EP by none other than the amazing Higamos Hogamos.

Steve Webster has been releasing under the name Higamos Hogamos, Spacerocks, Black Neon and Fort Lauderdale for over a decade with releases on J. Saul Kane’s now-defunct DC Recordings, Memphis Industries, Worm Interface as well as countless self-released CDrs jammed full of tripped out funk-infused kraut-tech unlike anything else you’ve heard.

Higamos Hogamos’ core incarnation incorporates Dr. Andrew Robertson on guitar/production duties and Whetham Allpress behind the drum kit.

Unleashing an arsenal of synthesizers both homemade and vintage, live drums, guitars and occasional vocals this EP is sure to catapult you into orbit with no return ticket guaranteed.