“Flavour Of The Label” Mix for Ransom Note

March 3, 2016

Invisible Inc was asked to do a “Flavour of The Label” Mix by the lovely people at Ransom Note magazine. We happily obliged.

It’s a tricky thing to try and find a ‘sound’ or a specific ‘vibe’ to go for when trying to capture the essence of what is clearly a very diverse and sonically hard to pigeon-hole label….but label head GK Machine gave it a shot.

With inspirations as far ranging as new age, krautrock, disco, techno, kosmik, tribal, new wave and space rock the mix features tracks by the likes of EP-4, Conrad Schnitzler, Los Gatos Negros, Severed Heads, Pharaohs, Kuniyuki, Clandestine, Hydrus, Zsou, Naum Gabo, Kraftwerk, Peter Power, Cecil Canterburn & His Computer-Controlled Oscillators, Mind fair, Moscoman, Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski as well as Invisible Inc acts The Poncho Brothers, Secret Circuit, Spacerocks, Tim Love Lee and Delta Girls.

As well as the mix GK Machine was asked a few questions about the label, its ethios, background and what it was all about.

You can read what ensued and listen while you read…right… HERE