Bal5000 – Bleu Infini EP

Release date: 1 May 2017

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies

Known more for our dubby ‘kosmische’, psychedelic post-disko, and generally off-kilter vibes with this one we seem to be edging closer to the realms of the nightclub dancefloor. Not that anyone’s complaining. With recent outings by Strange Culture and Sordid Sound System taking the lead, this one by Budapest’s Bal5000 is quite possibly our most dancefloor friendly release yet.

All four cuts inhabit a space somewhere at the very edge of ‘house’ but are steeped in soaringly cosmic italo-esque synth lines and bubbling, motorik arpeggios reminiscent of early ’80s minimal…..the result is a real sonic treat: hypnotically transcendent, yet beautifully melodic, and all solidly underpinned by some seriously low-end sub-bass, tight rhythms and pistol-sharp snares.

Cosmic motordisco is upon us!


Tracks from Bleu Infini have been premiered on:

Dream Chimney, Ransom Note and Why People Dance


“Awesome, really loving this!! […] this is so great!” (The Beat Broker / Dream Chimney)

“Nice !!!!” (Daniele Baldelli / Eskimo)